If you are new to Claim Bit or even still figuring out how to use the site, you are in luck because we have compiled the Top 10 tips to help newbies earn maximum coins. The team working behind the Claim Bit project are constantly looking for ways to improve user experience and add earning opportunities. Staying active on the site is the best way to increase earnings over time.

Tip 1: Be Active

Being active every day on Claim Bit is going to make the most out of your earnings. Even if it's only for a few minutes it will still make a big difference over time. It's easy to do the Bonus Roll for free tokens, click each of the PTC ads each day, take a survey if you have time. As you increase levels and unlock achievements, your Tokens and Coins will grow exponentially. What seems like small earnings at first, will soon be filling your wallet with cryptos.

Tip 2: Win Contests

Winning contests is going to be the icing on the cake for all your efforts. It is easy to win if you click all the shortlinks every day, complete offers from offerwalls, taking surveys and building referrals.

Tip 3: Purchase Referrals

Purchasing referrals will be consistent referral income over time. You will earn a percentage of all your referral's earned Tokens for life. As an added bonus, purchased referrals are counted towards the referral contest so you can win extra coins.

Tip 4: Auto Faucet

Using the Auto faucet will maximize your earnings in multiple ways. For one, the price per Claim is cheaper than Manual claim. Secondly, you will increase Levels and unlock achievements quicker the more faucet claims you make. What's even cooler is you can leave the auto-faucet running when you're not using the computer.

Tip 5: Complete Tasks

Completing the available tasks is a quick way to build coins right away. What's better, you can create a short video explaining the Claim Bit website and post to Youtube for extra bonus. Be sure to leave a review on FaucetPay, share on Facebook for extra tokens plus get referral commissions.

Tip 6: Buy at least 1 Lottery ticket

The site adds 500 Coins to the Lottery pool every week so it's worthwhile to at least purchase 1 lottery ticket each drawing.

Tip 7: Share your Referral Link

Getting referrals is a surefire way to earn steady coins. You can add your referral link to your forum signatures, blog posts, social media pages, and share with friends. Earn lifetime commissions for every signup you get. You can also buy PTC ads with your Claim Bit referral link on other similar sites to get lots of referrals. Since they are clicking ads you know they will signup to Claim Bit.

Tip 8: Upgrade Membership

As you start to build referrals, levels and achievements it will be beneficial to upgrade your Membership. This will give you increased Faucet Multiplier, Crypto withdrawals straight to Faucetpay, higher referral commissions and more.

Tip 9: Use CPU Miner when AFK

If you're not going to be using your computer, you might as well leave the CPU miner running. You can start with the lowest settings and adjust to your liking, but this will put your computer to work which you can then convert the hashes to tokens.

Tip 10: Look for Coupon Codes

There are Coupon codes posted in various places on a regular basis. Check the News posts, Dashboard and other pages for hidden codes.

You can Redeem this Coupon for Free Tokens:

Thanks for check out these tips, and happy earning everyone!

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